• Change Door lock, hinge, handles & knobs
  • Install door fittings and cabinet fittings
  • Install Curtain Roads
  • Install Shelves & Closet Rods
  • Repair door opening, closing, sliding problems and alignment
  • Repair drawer problems and door closers
  • Reposition hinge hole on damaged cabinet door
  • Supply & replace normal timber door door closer
  • Replace broken glass & panels
  • Strengthen furniture with bolts/nuts & screws
  • Repair and fixing of existing woodwork/cabinetry
  • Only polish/varnish for existing woodwork in patches (Full Furniture or Structure will be a Polish Contract)
  • Minor repairs including water clogs or leaks within the apartment
  • Repair minor issues with Taps, Sinks, Floor Trap, WC Water Cisterns, Water Pipe, Shower Hose, Water Spray within the unit
  • Unchoke WC and change Flusher
  • Change of new water inlet & outlet to WC
  • Unchoke sink in kitchen & toilet
  • Change sink tap, shower head, hot & cold shower mixer
  • Drill holes for hanging accessories in toilet
  • Install only sink & tap not inclusive of piping
  • Run/ extend new washing machine/ fridge tap point
  • T-out with mini ball valve and install spray tap at WC
  • Removed old & apply silicon sealer for kitchen sink
  • Replace basin/ kitchen PVC bottle trap
  • Repairing the existing electrical fitting installed in the premises. Any minor lighting problems including the repair of ceiling lights, bulb, LED lighting
  • Change of Electric Ballast, bulbs, transformers & fuses
  • Repair of Lighting connection problems
  • Repair of switches & plugs
  • Supply & run new power points
  • Supply & install IC controller for lighting/ fan selection
  • Hang pictures by drilling
  • Refill & plaster holes in the wall
  • Install Wall hangings and mirrors
  • Install blinds and curtains
  • Painting small areas upto 1 wall in 1 room or small patches using water based paint
  • Fix or replace patches of tiles
  • Repair grouting
  • Flooring repair only, no laying of fresh flooring
  • Tiling work of small patches
  • Install new locks
  • Repair issues with sliding
  • Repair opening & closing
  • No new installation
  • No proprietary defects
  • Normal Air Con Servicing (Fan/ Coil)
  • Replace & Clean Air Filters
  • Check Refrigerant level , Motor Bearings & Fan belt
  • Check Condensation pans for rust etc
  • No "new works"
  • No structural repairs.
  • No Appliance repairs.
  • No external repairs i.e., pointing risers, water proofing of roof ,etc
  • Repairs in any place which is outside the members registered apartments
Note: for all works excluded, a quotation for work can be provided.